Những đội bóng giành cú ăn 3 vĩ đại nhất thế giới: Kỳ tích Barca và Bayern

The divine treble has always been one of the greatest and most venerable titles in history. In the past, collective teams that reached the peak of glory were always associated with outstanding names in their squad.

Barca with the legendary trio of Messi – Xavi – Iniesta, Santos with the king of football Pele, Ajax with Saint Johan Cruyff or MU with the outstanding 92 generation, … are the ways for clubs to reach the world throne. Today, let’s take a look   at the list of  the teams that won the greatest treble of football village with Fun88vi TV .

Santos (Brazil), 1962

Santos won the Sao Paulo state championship, the Brazilian championship and the Copa Libertadores thanks to the brilliance of “football king” Pele. Santos quickly became Brazil’s most popular club in the 1960s, while Pele became an icon that was hard to match both nationally and internationally.


Santos 1962

Santos (Brazil), 1963

The representative of Samba football is the only name in the top  three teams  that can repeat this feat twice in a row.

In the 1963 season, Santos still showed his might just a year after the first treble. They won the Rio-Sao Paulo federal championship, the Brazilian championship and successfully defended the Copa Libertadores. It should be known that, after this golden age, Santos had to wait until 2011, when Neymar was at his peak, to win the Copa Libertadores for the third time.

Celtic (Scotland), 1967

The first European team in the list  of teams that won the treble  of the  bookie Fun88vi  did not come from one of the top 5 European leagues, but Scotland’s Celtic club.

Celtic wrote their own fairy tale in the 1966/67 season when they defeated Serie A representatives Inter Milan in the Champions League final on May 25, 1967.

Especially at that time, Inter was coached by the famous Argentine coach Helenio Herrera, who was dubbed the “Football Wizard” with the famous Catenaccio defensive style. Inter is also known as La Grande Inter during the reign of Helenio (the great Inter empire).